Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone v1.3.1 - Support for WP Dev Tool RTM and Azure Tools for VS v1.5 and Blobs!

Wade Wegner - Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone v1.3.1

"Yesterday I released an update to the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone. There are a few important updates in this release, so I encourage you to go and download the new tools. We have a number of significant updates:

  • Upgraded Windows Azure projects to Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 1.5 – September 2011
  • Upgraded the tools tools to support the Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW
  • Update SQL Azure only scenarios to use ASP.NET Universal Providers (through the System.Web.Providers v1.0.1 NuGet package)
  • Changed Shared Access Signature service interface to support more operations
  • Refactored Blobs API to have a similar interface and usage to that provided by the Windows Azure SDK StorageClient library
  • Added two new samples: Tweet Your Blobs and CRUD SQL Azure

In addition to the core updates listed above, we’ve also enhanced the setup and dependency checking experience. The experience is more tightly integrated with the Web Platform Installer, making it easier for you to use the toolkit.



...Oh and a new installer too! :)

As I usually say about this kit, if you're doing WinPhone 7 and Azure Dev, you've got to check out this toolkit.


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