Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mother of all Hot Wheel Tracks... 2,000 feet long...

Technabob - The 2,000 Foot Hot Wheels Track

"An enterprising dad constructed this incredible Hot Wheels track, that spans over 2,000 feet. It goes through an entire house, down the street, and over a hot tub. I don’t know how long it was up, but it sure looked cool.



This had me busting a gut laughing. It just goes on and on and on, through every room in a two story house (including bathrooms). But what got me laughing is when it went out the front door, down the entry walk, then the sidewalk, down the street, around the corner, through the alley and then into the backyard.

This is just so wrong, it's so right.

And the whole time watching this I could only think of what the spouse/mom must have been thinking/saying. Talk about an angel/uber-wife... LOL

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