Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"There is no place like ::1" (aka a 1 hour "IPv6 for Dummies" webcast from Microsoft TechDays 2011)

TechNet Edge- IPv6 for Dummies: There is no place like ::1

"Since Windows Vista, we started seeing some strange codes in our IPConfigs. The purpose of this session is to get a first look at the new generation of IP protocols and understand their benefits and how they differ from IPv4.



Hi, my name is Greg and I don't really know jack about IPv6....

Okay, okay, I know a little, the common stuff, like it's a 128bit address, that there's like enough IP addresses to give every human on earth like 6 billion addresses (or something like that). But beyond the superficial, I really don't know much about IPv6. And it's coming, make no mistake, IPv6 is here to stay and [hopefully] coming to a device near you.


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