Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Kindle eBooks on your schedule. You can now 'really' buy Kindle eBooks as gifts...

Kindle Daily Post - Give the Kindle Books They Want, Delivered When You Want

"Last year we announced an exciting new feature for Kindle customers--the ability to send your favorite Kindle books to friends and family as gifts. Starting today, you can specify the date you would like that book to be delivered.

It's easy to get started: simply select a Kindle book to gift on the website, click the "Give as a Gift" button, enter the recipient's e-mail address, then choose a delivery date. If you prefer, you also have the option of having the gift email sent to you, so you can print and personally deliver it to the recipient, or use it as a stocking stuffer.

There is no Kindle required (for the giver, or the recipient). Kindle book gifts can also be read ..."

Nice! Thank you Amazon. I can now unhide/share my Kindle ebook wishlist... :)

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