Friday, November 18, 2011

15 Software Engineer "real world" Tenets Or a "Dev Dude's Do's"

Regular Geek - 15 Tenets For The Software Engineer

Many people talk about the things a software engineer needs to know in order to be successful in their job. Other people talk about the traits needed to be successful. Typically, these posts may read differently but there are many similarities between the two posts. In reality, a software can never really be successful without looking at both types of posts. The list of 15 tenets below is my hope to consolidate the ideas into one handy list for your review.


Not the standard set of tenants you might see, yet if you've been programming for any length a time, most will probable resonate with you. And you can tell Rob's "been there, done that, got the t-shirt."

Some of my favorites;

  • Do not employ new technologies because they are new, use them because they solve a problem.
  • Read, a lot. 
  • Try new techniques and technologies, a lot.
  • Fail, you will learn something.
  • Ship the damn software.
  • Do it the “right way”.

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