Thursday, December 29, 2011

Education and Educational tools, open source style

Sourceforge - Open Source tools for education

"I’ve been asked to speak at the annual technology conference of the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities. While this is a huge honor, it’s also rather intimidating. I’ve observed that we, as technology professionals, tend to go into various places and tell experts how to do their jobs better with technology without actually understanding the underlying problem space.

One of the great things about Open Source is that it’s not just a company imposing a technical solution on you from outside, but you’re able to participate in the solution yourself and make changes to the end product. I’ve witnessed this first-hand with Moodle when we used it as our online learning platform at Asbury University, and I was able to make changes to Moodle which then went back into the upstream product.

These are some of our most popular educational tools, ranging from online learning to self-tutoring to educational games. I’d love to hear your take on Open Source educational tools, both from Sourceforge and elsewhere.



A number of education/al OSS projects that fall outside my usual sphere but still look pretty cool (and I've been meaning to look into Moodle a little more too  ;)

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