Thursday, December 01, 2011

Make My Robot! You design it, they 3D print it, you get to play with it

winextra - Robot Nation lets you build your own robot and own it

"Robots, robots, robots, everywhere robots, and even easier now thanks to Robot Nation and their awesomely easy robot creation and ordering site that has gone live after a month long beta.

Using your browser you can design your very own robot from the ground up and then have them actually create it for you using a 3D printing process. One would think that building a robot would be difficult but that is the beauty of what Robot Nation has done here. It is all a matter of dragging and dropping the parts that you want to make your robot from


My Robot Nation

"Fun and easy online creation.
Your unique robot is 3D printed in full color and delivered to your door.


Awesome... It's not a robot that moves or you can move (i.e. not an action figure) but this is still way cool (but not cheap)

The "Oh Oh Your Browser Ain't Going to Work" (aka Oops!) page (because IE9 doesn't do WebGL) made me laugh...






It's fun just playing with this... lol

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