Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Walking on water... Well maybe not, but almost! NeverWet is a superhydrophobic spray that repels water (big time)

geek.com - Superhydrophobic spray means no more clothes to wash


Rather than just concentrate on steel, Ross decided to create a new product based on the spray known as NeverWet, which we should all hopefully benefit from using soon.

The spray actually uses nanoparticles and is superhydrophobic. That means it repels water and keeps a surface completely dry and stain free. While it may keep steel dry, Ross also realized it could be sprayed on products to keep them clean, and also keeps objects free of bacteria and ice. The company even claim you can spray an iPhone with NeverWet and it becomes waterproof.

NeverWet is being turned into a consumer product and will see a release next year, but we should also start seeing it applied to products too. Shoes that can’t get dirty, ovens that don’t need cleaning, and clothes you never need to wash hopefully (a personal dream of mine).

If you want to see what NeverWet does to a surface, check out the video below



You have to check out the video...

That's mind blowing isn't it? I do have to wonder how "green" it is, the impact on the environment, etc, but still... I SO need this for my work shirts (you know, the ones I seem to spill coffee on about once a week?)

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