Saturday, January 21, 2012

3D Food Printer (Chocolate!) now available for purchase...

Gizmodo - A 3D Printer That Works With Chocolate? Now You’ve Got My Attention

"Instead of the toxic smell of melted plastics, while the Imagine 3D printer is doing its thing, your workspace will be filled with the aroma of delicious confections. Because its printing head uses syringes that can be filled with chocolate.

I understand that 3D printing is probably the future of manufacturing, but until now I've found it kind of difficult to really get excited about the technology. However, being able to print off a chocolate bunny whenever the craving hits?—even if it's not Easter?—now you're speaking to my needs.


Essential Dynamics

The Imagine 3D Printer:

  1. Comes fully assembled
  2. Prints with a whole host of materials, including food, chocolates, silicone, cheese, epoxy, organics, etc.
  3. It is a syringe based design. If it extrudes, it prints.
  4. Imagine is only $2,995

We have a very long pre-order list, but as a special during CES 2012, we have simultaneously initiated a second order list. If you order during CES 2012, your order will be placed in this batch and processed faster. Order Now!!

We are developing a whole host of products to go with Imagine. Sign-up on our community website to get all the latest details. 3D Printing is about to go personal. Join the Revolution. Sign up here!!


Now marry this up with the Kinect for Windows (to help create the 3D models) and a shopping mall kiosk and we're printing money... :)

I wonder if I can talk my wife into "investing" in one of these? LOL


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