Friday, January 20, 2012

[Awesome Rug] The demon is in the... rug...

Winextra - The Demon rug is the perfect gag to punk your friends with when they visit

"We all love to be able to pull a fast one on our friends at some point or another and while missmonster over on deviantART may just have wanted to have a really cool rug just think of how you could freak out your friends with it when they come to visit.

The face, ears, claws, and teeth are all hand sculpted and hand painted. The head base is a foam taxidermy form and the fur, originally grey, has been airbrushed. This beastie measures 77″ long and 87″ wide; and I have to admit that the first thought I had when seeing this was someone had gone to Skyrim and back.


That's awesome and I so want one. Or maybe a rug of other famous movie/book/game monsters? hum... that's got to be a business someone is running already, right?

(via Geekologie -> Demon Skin Floor Rug is Extraordinarily Evil and Incredibly Awesome -> Demon rug complete 3)

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