Friday, January 20, 2012

I always wanted a racecar bed... Will today's kids want this kind of bed instead?

Mashable - The Facebook Bed: Slumbering for Social Networking Fanatics

For those so obsessed with social networking, behold the Facebook bed.

This concept by Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonari─ç is only in model form right now, but his creative vision mixes comfort with functionality.

The “F”-shaped bed touts a Facebook-logoed pillow and a comforter with familiar icons, such as Facebook’s birthday notification image. The logo also appears three times on the bed itself — one on each side, as well on the flat part of the upper curvature of the “F.”

A work area is also built into the space, allowing users to check Facebook updates on their computer while sitting in the upper section of the letter. Other amenities include a keyboard holder, a shelf for a mouse and a slight indentation for a computer screen. In addition, a chair — with a red-colored cover, also featuring a Facebook logo — is nestled into the upper part of the “F.”



As a kid I always dreamed of having one of those really cool racecar beds. You know that ones I talking about right? Seeing this, I wonder if today's kids would dream of this kind of bed instead? :/

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