Monday, January 09, 2012

A cautionary tale, know what the world can see of your web site logs (Use Enterprise Logging/ELMAH and allow remote log viewing? Read this...)

Troy Hunt's Blog - ASP.NET session hijacking with Google and ELMAH

"I love ELMAH – this is one those libraries which is both beautiful in its simplicity yet powerful in what it allows you to do. Combine the power of ELMAH with the convenience of NuGet and you can be up and running with absolutely invaluable error logging and handling in literally a couple of minutes.

Yet, as the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility and if you’re not responsible with how you implement ELMAH, you’re also only a couple of minutes away from making session hijacking of your ASP.NET app – and many other exploits – very, very easy. What’s more, vulnerable apps are only a simple Google search away. Let me demonstrate.

Update: I want to make it clear right up front that the out of the box ELMAH configuration does not make any of what you’re about to read possible. It’s only when ELMAH is configured to expose logs remotely and not properly secured that things go wrong. [GD: Emphasis added]



In case I didn’t make it perfectly clear the first few times, this is not a flaw in ELMAH, in fact I think it’s a fantastic tool and I use it extensively in ASafaWeb:

Whoops, you can’t access that though, can you?! And that’s really the point I’m making – ELMAH can be implemented securely and everything above is no way a recommendation not to use it. But please, please, apply a little due diligence and lock it down properly.

If you do discover your ELMAH logs were publicly visible then decide to lock them down, there’s still the real risk they’ve already been indexed and cached versions are still available, in fact I saw this several times when researching for this post. If you’re in this camp, you want to take a good look at what’s in your (now secure) ELMAH logs and consider what information may have been exposed and is now searchable via the various search engines (remember, it’s not just Google).



"With great power..." and all that. When I read this, and clicked on some of the search links, I cringed. I mean, ouch...

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