Monday, January 09, 2012

Group Policy Resource Round-up

Goatee PFE - Everything you need to get started with Group Policy

"My last post on getting started with Active Directory was so popular that I thought I would do one for getting started with Group Policy. Once again this link list will satisfy everyone from beginner to advanced. I know there are many other third party resources and books, but I want to surface Microsoft white papers and articles that may not always be obvious. Enjoy!

  • Group Policy – Beginners
  • Group Policy – Advanced
  • Group Policy – PowerShell
  • Group Policy – More Information


Group Policy is one of the more awesome things Windows has for administrators. It's also one of the best ways to piss off your users, if not handled well... And if you're one of those "users" and want to know what this Group Policy thing is? Well here's some reading material which should keep you busy for a bit...


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