Friday, January 27, 2012

David Pallmann takes us on a fresh look at the Windows Azure development

Fire and Ice: David Pallmann's Web and Cloud Blog - Taking a Fresh Look at the Windows Azure Development Experience

Windows Azure has grown up over the years since it first debuted in late 2008. In this article we're going to take an updated look at what the cloud developer experience is with Windows Azure today. Here's what we'll cover, which will include a walk-through of developing a cloud application:

  • Key Online Resources
  • What You Need for Cloud Development
  • The Cloud Development Lifecycle
  • Application Development Walk-through


Well, there you have it. The Windows Azure development experience has come a long way since its debut a few years back and it is constantly being improved. I encourage you to get the 90-day Windows Azure Free Trial and take it for a spin!


Looks like allot of content doesn't it? Well, funny that because it IS allot of content, about 19 pages worth! Now that's a blog post!

If you've yet to jump on the Azure bandwagon, not knowing where to start, start with this article...

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