Monday, January 30, 2012

Got the latest LastPass (v1.90) and the Import WiFi Passwords option is missing? Do this... [Just re-download,re-run the installer]

LastPass - LastPass 1.90 Released for All Browsers, Featuring Import & Export of WiFi Passwords

"As many of our users may have already noted, a LastPass addon update for all browsers has been rolled out, with a few big and small changes.
LastPass can now pull WiFi passwords from your computer and save them as a new type of "Secure Note". To do so, locate your "Tools" menu under the LastPass Icon, select "Import" and choose "WiFi passwords":


Selecting the WiFi Passwords import option generates separate secure notes for each WiFi network, and stores the passkey and connection type for each. You can then export the WiFi passwords onto other computers! The process does require a WiFi connection to import and export, and for Windows requires a separate executable that's only added when you run the Windows installer. Please see our helpdesk article for more information on using the new feature: [GD: Emphasis added]


LastPass User Manual - Importing and Exporting Wi-Fi Passwords

"On Windows and Mac OS X, LastPass has the ability to import Wi-Fi passwords stored within your computer into LastPass as secure notes. On Windows, LastPass also has the ability to export Wi-Fi passwords stored as LastPass secure notes to your computer.


In order to import and export Wi-Fi passwords, your computer must have a Wi-Fi adapter installed.

If you would like to import and export from the LastPass browser extension on Windows, you will need to re-run the LastPass Universal Installer [GD:Emphasis added]. This is due to the fact that we need to install a utility that requires administrator privileges in order to import and export Wi-Fi passwords. You can re-run the LastPass Universal Installer from:

You will also need to ensure you're running the binary version of the LastPass browser extension. If you're not, in Firefox and Chrome, go to:


LastPass is my password manager of choice, so much so that I even upgraded to a Premium account (for all of $12 a year...).

Like many when I saw v1.90's new Import Wifi Password feature I thought, "cool!". And then, like many who've been using LastPass for a while and used it's in-place upgrade features, couldn't find that new feature.

The fix is really easy, just re-download and re-run the install. You don't need to uninstall, just re-download/re-install.

Now I have my Wifi passwords securely vaulted. :)

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