Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving up in the world, from VirtualPC to Hyper-V? Here's how to keep your VM's happy.

Stephen Kaufman's WebLog - Can you move a Virtual Machine from VirtualPC to Hyper-V?

"I was recently asked if I could help move a virtual machine that had been setup and running in VirtualPC and move it to run under Hyper-V.

The answer is yes it can be done. Movement from Hyper-V to VirtualPC is not as easy (and many times not possible) but there are a number of blog posts on this topic already so I won’t cover that here. One of the reasons that it is easier to move from VirtualPC to Hyper-V is that VirtualPC is only 32 bit.

There are a number of steps that must be occur for a successful move.



I'm hoping to have to make this move in the coming year, to move my VirtualPC images (I do my VB6 dev in a WinXP VirtualPC image... sigh) to Hyper-V and so thought this post would come in handy then...

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