Thursday, January 12, 2012

NASA Deputy CIO talks about NASA's IT (BYOD, Google+, Consumer Driven IT, OSS, International Space Apps Challenge and more) on FedScoop Radio blog - NASA’s Office of the CIO on FedScoop Radio

"Ever wondered what it was like to guide the vision of IT in one of the most information-rich technology agencies in the nation? Deputy Chief Information Officer Deborah Diaz talked with FedScoop Radio about exactly that, and the future for NASA IT looks as bright as a million flickering network routers!

Ms. Diaz is certainly excited about the future of (as are we!) [at -10:45 on the audio stream], but expands on some of the other hot topics in NASA’s Information Technology community, such as the “Bring Your Own Device” concept [-10:30] and how consumer-driven IT [-10:05] is driving practices in government and NASA in particular.

The International Space Apps Challenge [-9:00] is fast approaching, and FedScoop reporter David Stegon discussed this and other examples of trends [-8:00] that exist in the government space. Among these trends is rethinking how we collaborate [-7:00], and extreme collaboration tools tailored to the end-user [-6:15]. These are things that employees at NASA look to the Office of the CIO to enable. A timely mention of technologies available at CES last year [-5:50] gives some hope to what may emerge this week, especially in the areas of data storage and cloud utilization [-5:15].



Short podcast, 11 minutes'ish, from an IT area and effort (i.e. IT @ NASA) we might not hear often from or about.

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