Friday, January 06, 2012

Official Xbox Magazine Subscriber? Read this! (The DVD's are no more and how to get your three free months in recompense)

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - NEWS: 3 FREE issues for Official Xbox Magazine Subscribers… plus access to digital versions of past issues!


Are you an Official Xbox Magazine subscriber? Then you may have noticed that this month’s issue (February 2012) has something conspicuously missing.

The DemoDVD is GONE.

At first I thought that someone had ripped off my disc as my copies always came in plastic with a DVD along side the magazine inside. But alas, Future, the publisher, has the decided to stop shipping the DemoDVD. After 131 discs, that’s all she wrote. SOB!

Yeah, they know that. As a result, they are providing all subscribers with 3 extra issues of the magazine to compensate for not having DVD’s any more. Yeah, I know. Kinda weak sauce. But at least it’s something. And they’ve spent the money in another way

To get your 3 complimentary issues of Official Xbox Magazine – IF YOU’RE AN EXISTING MAGAZINE SUBSCRIBER:




If you're a XBox Mag subscriber, like I am, you'll want to read this post. In short, there's no more Demo DVD's and to recompense use, they are offering to extend our subscriptions for three months if you ask for it! It's not automatic, you have to take some steps, simple ones, but still, steps to extend your subscription.

<vent> Loosing the DVD's is okay'ish in my mind as I'm not sure we've open many in the last few months, but it does bug me that they are taking something away, something I paid extra for, and yet not automatically even throwing me a bone at least. IMHO that just smells bad and doesn't feel like great customer service. Great customer service would have been reaching out to us (they have my email) and tell us about this change and that they've automatically extended our subscriptions, that no action is required on our part. But no, it's up to us to even know about this, and then up to us to take action... hum... </vent>


Well I think I have to eat my own words, a few at least. The mag just came in the mail and in there they do make it pretty clear that this change is coming and how to get the free three months. And I'm sure it will be made clear in future editions too...  Still I don't like having to know we have to redeem this offer, that we have to take this action ourselves or lose out. whine... whine... whine... :P

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