Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Onlive is getting into the Virtual/Cloud Desktop game - Online Desktop give you Windows 7 in the Cloud on your iPad

Onlive - OnLive Desktop: iPad Does Windows

We love our iPads. There’s no question. But when you’re on the go with work and a file needs editing—or creating—it’s hard to feel free to leave your computer behind. At least, that’s how it has been.

But starting this Thursday, life is going to change.

OnLive has just re-imagined what’s possible on iPad with the OnLive Desktop app, available Thursday in the iTunes App Store. Launching a brand-new chapter for OnLive (and everyone), OnLive Desktop gives users instant access to a seamless Windows desktop experience, with full-featured Microsoft Office applications and 2 GB of free cloud storage for secure file access anywhere. Need to edit a Word doc with redlines and comments? No problem. Need to give some oomph to that PowerPoint deck for your meeting? Go for it: present animations and slide transitions, edit diagrams and embed videos. Desperate for a pivot table in Excel? Pivot away … Anything you can do on your office desktop, you will be able to do on your iPad—at home, in your hotel, anywhere.

Of course, Windows 7 multi-touch navigation has a different feel than mouse navigation. But it’s actually pretty slick. Because OnLive Desktop is built on the same proven technology as our instant-action game service, Windows responds instantly and fluidly to your touch. Using touch gestures like Aero snap, flick to scroll, drag, drop, pinch and zoom, you can quickly and easily control both desktop folders and Office applications. Even HD videos and animations play instantly and smoothly (after all, if we can meet the performance discipline demanded by high-end games, why not linear media?). With OnLive Desktop, remote feels local.



Interesting move by Online... Seems kind of logical though... maybe. But still pretty neat seeing Windows 7, with touch and all on an iPad...

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