Friday, January 27, 2012

Open Data, Open Government and Microsoft

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FAQ: Microsoft Open Government + Open Data (Part I)

    1. What is Open Government?
    2. What Countries Have Open Government Initiatives?
    3. Is Open Government the Same as Gov 2.0?
    4. What is Open Data?
    5. Does Open Government or Open Data Require Open Source?
    6. What Can Open Data Be Used For?
    7. Does Open Data Contain Personal or Private Information?
    8. Why Have So Many Cities Launched Open Data Initiatives?
    9. What Cities Have Launched Open Data Catalogs?
    10. What Terms of Use are Required for Open Data?

FAQ: Microsoft Open Government + Open Data (Part II)

    1. What Licensing is Required for Open Government Projects?
    2. What Applications Have Been Developed Using Open Data?
    3. Why Do Governments Hold Competitions for Open Data Projects?
    4. How Does the Cloud Benefit Open Data Projects?
    5. What Tools Does Microsoft Provide to Help Start an Open Data Project?
    6. Where Can I Find More Information on Microsoft’s Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)?
    7. Are there any OGDI Projects in French language?
    8. What Open Data Projects Have Been Developed Using Microsoft Technologies?
    9. Are any National Governments Using Microsoft Technologies for their Open Data Portals?
    10. Are There Any Microsoft Open Data Applications Available for iPhone?

FAQ: Microsoft Open Government + Open Data (Part III)

    1. Are There Any Open Data Applications Available for Windows Phone 7?
    2. Do Open Government or Open Data Technology Projects Require Open Source Software (OSS)?
    3. What Costs/Resources Does a Typical Startup Open Data Catalog Require?
    4. What Alternative Technologies Exist in the Open Data Arena?
    5. Can Microsoft and Alternative Solutions be Combined?
    6. What Tools and Frameworks Are Available to Enable Development of Customized Solutions?
    7. Are there Any Partner Solutions for Open Government and Open Data Projects?
    8. What Are the Partner Opportunities for Open Government and Open Data Projects?

I like the idea of "open government data" giving us a chance to get at some raw government data to turn it into information. The hard part is that there's so much data and in so many different places that it's not easy to mash it all up. But initiatives like this look to help make that just a bit easier...


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