Wednesday, January 04, 2012

SocialCounter.Net, a .Net Library to get all those Social counts

Midnight Programmer - SocialCounter.NET - .NET Library To Get Social Stats

Few months back I have shared a code snippet on my blog which will get Twitter followers count, Facebook page like counts and Feed readers count. Now I have release a complete set of functions including Google plus counts, Facebook friends count and there will be more to come as I explore more.

You can read in more detail about the library here.


What is SocialCounter.NET?

SocialCounter.NET is a handy .NET library consist of bunch of functions which will let you get the social stats of most of the frequently used social sites. For example, if you want to show Twitter followers, facebook fans count of your page or feed readers count. SocialCounter.NET makes use of the freely available APIs by various social networking sites. SocialCounter.NET will makes it easy for you to get your stats with one single line of code.






14k DLL, Tons of Stats... :)

He really makes this, the getting of these Stats, simple doesn't he?

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