Wednesday, January 04, 2012

You're my FavorIt code file... FavorIt adds favorites to your Visual Studio Solution

Visual Studio Gallery - FavorIt

After installing the extension, to open a FavorIt window to select "FavorIt" in "View" menu of the main Visual Studio menu


FavorIt stores a list of these files in the root directory of the current solution in a file with extension "*.favorit".


Nice! This is one of those things where when you see if you think, "Where have you been my whole life..."

I know you're thinking, "Greg, didn't you blog about something like this before?" Yep, This is my Favorite… VS 2010 Favorites Menu Extension, but this is a different implementation and seeming slimmer and simpler. Not that the other isn't cool too, but having a couple choices isn't bad either. :)


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