Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before you speed to the VS11 Express, understand that VS11 Express betas are for Web and Windows 8 (i.e. Metro) and not Desktop, WP7, SliverLight, WPF...

Robert MacLean - Important changes to Express Editions of Visual Studio "11"

"Note: The source of this is the Visual Studio “11” beta Product Guide ( so this may change by release.

Today we have five Express products: C++, C#, Visual Basic, Web and Phone however with the launch of Visual Studio “11” we will only have TWO!

These two editions of Express we will have are Web & Windows. I do not believe we will only ever have two editions, as the 2010 Express editions grew during the product so I would expect a few new ones coming along post launch.

So how does the old Express editions map to the new Express editions?

  • C++ maps to NOTHING
  • C# for WinForm/WPF/Silverlight maps to NOTHING
  • VB for WinForm/WPF/Silverlight maps to NOTHING
  • Phone maps to NOTHING
  • Web maps to Web

Let me reiterate this, if you want to build non-Metro applications (unless they are web) there is NO Express edition anymore for this! The Windows Express edition ONLY allows the building of Metro apps (including ARM). Web dev using Express editions still continue to work as before.


Here's a few snaps that might help tell the story...



For more information and details, please see Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta Product Guide

I'm hoping this is just a beta restriction and not the final RTM SKU's...

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