Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A "Big Data in Little Words" short introduction...

SQL Server Journey with SQL Authority - SQL SERVER – What is Big Data – An Explanation in Simple Words

"Decoding the human genome originally took 10 years to process; now it can be achieved in one week - The Economist.

This blog post is written in response to the T-SQL Tuesday post of The Big Data. This is a very interesting subject. Data is growing every single day. I remember my first computer which had 1 GB of the Harddrive. I had told my dad that I will never need any more hard drive, we are good for next 10 years. I bought much larger Harddrive after 2 years and today I have NAS at home which can hold 2 TB and have few file hosting in the cloud as well. Well the point is, amount of the data any individual deals with has increased significantly.

There was a time of floppy drives. Today some of the auto correct software even does not recognize that word. However, USB drive, Pen drives and Jump drives are common names across industry. It is race – I really do not know where it will stop.

Big Data

Same way the amount of the data has grown so wild that relational database is not able to handle the processing of this amount of the data. Conventional RDBMS faces challenges to process and analysis data beyond certain very large data. Big Data is large amount of the data which is difficult or impossible for traditional relational database. Current moving target limits for Big data is terabytes, exabytes and zettabytes.





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Little words fit so much better in my brain... :P

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