Friday, February 10, 2012

Helping Office Moodle... Free Office Addin that lets you Open From and Save To your Moodle with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Education - The Office Add-in for Moodle - free software for teachers in February

"If you use Moodle, you may be familiar with grumbles from staff about the number of steps involved in creating documents and getting them onto your Moodle site. Teachers often create their teaching materials, and student materials, in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And then they have to save it somewhere, then log into Moodle, find where they want to put it onto Moodle and then upload it. So why shouldn’t it be as easy as saving the file to your desktop, or your SharePoint?

That’s exactly what the Office Add-In for Moodle does - adds a “Save to Moodle” and “Open from Moodle'” button to all of your Office applications.

Uploading files to Moodle has never been easier. The Office Add-in for Moodle is an add-in for Office 2003, 2007 and 2010, that allows teachers to open and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to a Moodle website. Today, teachers who use Office and Moodle have to switch back and forth between their web browser and Office applications. With the Add-In, teachers can create, open, edit, and save Moodle documents from within the Office applications. You no longer need to use your web browser when working with Office documents stored in Moodle.

It doesn’t require anything to be installed on the Moodle server. Anyone who is the teacher or owner of a Moodle course can install the Add-in and access their documents. Once installed, there are two menu items ‘Open from Moodle’ and ‘Save to Moodle’ (see right) under:

  • the File menu in Office 2003
  • the Office Button in Office 2007
  • the File tab in Office 2010



Where can I find out how to use it?

Step-by-step instructions to help setup the system, as well as how users will use it, are on the website.

Where do I get Office Add-In for Moodle from?

Either go to the Office Add-In for Moodle page on Education Labs, or download directly from this link


I've not blogged about Moodle yet, but I've been watching it and you're likely to see more from me soon on it. (For example these are in my "blog about these someday" queue, Project of the Month July 2011: Moodle, Hosting your Moodle on Windows AzureWhy Moodle is better on SharePoint, Installing Moodle on SharePoint).

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