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Stop copy-n-pasting your pages... OneNote page templates are click-click easy...

Tim Murphy's .NET Software Architecture Blog - Organizing Your Work With OneNote Page Templates

"If you have seen the Windows Phone commercial where the father is in the grocery store with the shopping list in OneNote you have gotten you first taste of the flexibility that can be had with OneNote. I like most consultants have a lot of fires going and once and I am finding that the templates in OneNote are helping me to get a handle on the different projects and tasks I need to track.

I started using OneNote to do simply what its name suggests: take and organize notes. Lately though I am finding ways that it can help to centralize things that I had been using multiple applications to accomplish. Having them all in one place, as with most things makes it easier to not miss something.

You may find using the tasks feature of Outlook works well for you, but I found that I was in and out of my email so fast that I ignored the tasks. As simple To Do List template in OneNote seems to be the solution for me since I spend so much time documenting projects. As an alternative you can use the Prioritized To Do List shown below or the Project To Do List which gives you a list per project.



I've become a pretty heavy OneNote user in the last year, but being a dev dude, I just started using it, figuring it out as I went along. And while this journey of discovery can be fun, it does lead to some holes, to missing some important features.

For example, Page Templates.

Until reading this post, OneNote Page Templates isn't something I thought about at all. Sure I use templates all the time in Word, PowerPoint, etc, but I always considered template to be a document level thing. So I knew there were OneNote Notebook templates (which you'd use once), but didn't even think there might be Page templates (which you can use over and over)... sigh

Using Page Templates isn't hard once you know the trick (which took me a little bit to find).

Funny enough, creating a new page based on a template or saving the current page as a template is done via New Page.



Select a template and pow, done.


To save the current page as a template, it's just as easy. Have the page open that you want to save and then;


You'll name the template and again, pow, you're done. Your new template will now be available in your "My Templates"

Are there more OneNote Page templates available online? You, bet.

OneNote 2010 Page Templates


Yes, these are all OneNote Page templates (I know, I thought, "Charts? Letters? Invites?" But, yep, these are all OneNote Page Templates...)

Let's look at one, the Home Lists;


In short, if you're a OneNoter and you're not using Page Templates, you're missing out...

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