Tuesday, February 28, 2012

YACAN - Yet Another Chat App with Node.js (But this time focusing on both the server and C# client side...)

Bruno Terkaly - Developer Evangelist - bterkaly@microsoft.com - Node.js– A chat server written in Node and a client app written in C#

"A new twist to a boring Chat application

Most demos on Node.js illustrate how to create a chat server, but rarely provide the client side of the chat service.

That is what this post is about – creating both the server and client side of the equation.

Server Node.js Javascript
Client .NET C#



I dug the walk-through nature of this as well as its focus on the C# client side. We see ton's of Node.JS stuff, but like Bruno says, not much on the client side of things. Kudo's to him for helping us out there... :)

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