Friday, March 30, 2012

ALL CAPS in VS11 raising your blood pressure? Calm is your answer... As in the VSCalm Extension

Visual Studio add-ins, extensions and tools - VSCalm extension for Visual Studio 11 Beta

"VSCalm extension by Jeremy Iverson restores standard tool window titles format in VS 11 Beta IDE. It changes the ALL CAPS letters to normal title case and removes :::colon-like::: gripper bars:



To modify titles you need to execute this command each time you start Visual Studio. I think it will be more convenient to apply title modifications automatically on Visual Studio startup without any additional commands.


Visual Studio Gallery - VSCalm

An extension for Visual Studio 11 Beta to make the ::: TOOL WINDOW TITLES :::::: look a bit more calm.


  • Change the capital letters to normal title case
  • Remove the colon-like gripper bars



While not a perfect solution, since you have to execute it every time you launch VS11, if the All CAPS are making you mental, then it's better than nothing. Oh and he's released the source too... :)

(via The Morning Brew - The Morning Brew #1076)

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