Friday, March 02, 2012

Bildopolis = Forts! (Keep the "kids" busy for weeks on end!)

You've Been Haacked - Build All The Things With Bildopolis

Recently I’ve been tweeting photos of my kids playing with a new toy my wife bought them that I’mthey are totally enthralled with. It’s called the Bildopolis Big Bilder Kit.

This is a creation of a family friend of ours who used to be an industrial designer at IDEO. He left a while ago to start on his own thing and came up with this. We bought a set immediately in part to to support his efforts, but also because it looked cool. We were not disappointed. This thing is fun.



The Bildopolis Big Bilder kit gives kids the freedom to build their own world without rules, in a simple, fun, ecologically friendly way that challenges them to think outside the (cardboard) box. LEARN MORE »



ZOMG! Forts! I want like 12 of these... Image the things I could build. Wait... um... I mean... I don't have any kids any more (or grandkids yet). errr... um... Practice! Yeah! I need to practice for when I do! That's my story and I'm sticking with it... :P

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