Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have some thoughts about Visual Studio 11? The VS Team has got a feedback survey for you...

MSDN UK Team blog - Announcement: Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey–tell us what you think!

"Got something to say about Visual Studio 11 Beta? Make sure you complete the survey to get your voice heard. As well as your comments on performance, reliability, and quality, the Visual Studio team want to know your opinions on areas such as setup and project/solution compatibility. Your input will help continue to improve Visual Studio so it’s worth taking the time to complete.


Not to be blunt, but don't whine if you don't provide feedback when asked. Don't like the new look in VS11? Then here's a chance for you to give them your feedback about that... I did. I whined about the All Cap's toolbar window titles. I know seems like a little thing but hey it bugs me... and now since I've provided them the feedback I can officially whine about it... :P

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