Friday, March 02, 2012

The Windows 8 Power User "Start menu" - Right-click on the new Start or Windows - X. Also adding the Administration Tools to the Start page tip

groovyPost - Windows 8: Access Power User Menu from Metro Start Screen

"...You want an easy way to get to the Command Line and Disk Management – not Pictures and Weather.

Here’s how to easily pull up a menu of power user options from the Metro UI Start screen on Windows 8.





I haven't seen this shortcut yet and since it's one I know I'm going to be using allot in the coming months I thought you all might be interested in it too...

Speaking of power users, you know you can add all the "Administrative Tools" to the Start page, right?


a) Bring up the charms and click the Settings


b) Click the Settings again...


c) Turn on the "Show administrative tools"


d) Return to the Start page and now you have all the Admin tools! :)

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