Friday, April 27, 2012

JSIL - The IL to JS transformation project (Yes it takes .Net IL assemblies and generates JavaScript from them)


"JSIL is a compiler that transforms .NET applications and libraries from their native executable format - CIL bytecode - into standards-compliant, cross-browser JavaScript. You can take this JavaScript and run it in a web browser or any other modern JavaScript runtime. Unlike other cross-compiler tools targeting JavaScript, JSIL produces readable, easy-to-debug JavaScript that resembles the code a developer might write by hand, while still maintaining the behavior and structure of the original .NET code. Because JSIL transforms bytecode, it can support most .NET-based languages - C# to JavaScript and VB.NET to JavaScript work right out of the box.



Not sure if this is cool, funny or awesome (or all three). It seems to be pretty much a .Net decompiler that instead of presenting the decompiled code as C# or VB, it uses JavaScript. Not something that I think I'll be using, but I still think this is a cool project and the fact that it's OSS makes it cool++.

(via Tim Anderson’s ITWriting - Convert .NET Intermediate Language to JavaScript)

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