Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Branching and Merging Guide, v2 [Beta] for Visual Studio 11 released

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Branching and Merging Guide - v2 - For Visual Studio 11

"Welcome to the BETA of the Branching and Merging Guide preview

As this is a BETA release and the quality bar for the final Release has not been achieved, we value your candid feedback and recommend that you do not use or deploy these BETA artifacts in a production environment.

Quality-Bar Details

  • Documentation has been reviewed by Visual Studio ALM Rangers
  • Documentation has not been through an independent technical review
  • Documentation has been reviewed by the quality and recording team
  • All critical bugs have been resolved
Known Issues / Bugs
  • Chance for grammar and typos.
  • Chance for some redundancy in the guidance, guidance may be pruned for efficiency
  • Chance for diagrams to mismatch with guidance topics
  • Missing Features
    • We are adding more cheatsheets for plans such as feature and code promotion
    • We are adding additional Sharing scenarios and topics such as File linking, NUGET, Project and File References
    • We are adding the FAQ section
    • We are adding “How do I” Video(s)
    • We are adding a HOL around Sharing Resources
    • Each main area of the guidance will likely be streamlined, various new scenarios addressed


Here's a snap of the one current HOL, "Branching & Merging, Local Workspaces, Diff and Merge"


And a snap of the Guide and cheatsheets;







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