Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview coming first week in June...

Doug Holland - An Architects Perspective - Windows 8 Release Preview Coming June 2012

"Steven Sinofsky, President, Windows and Windows Live Division, announced today from Japan’s Windows 8 Dev Days that the Windows 8 Release Preview will be available during the first week of June. /via @BuildWindows8



This will be news item of the day, but still... [Note to Self: Block off first week in June]

This means RTM September, October? I'm going to bet RTM to OEM's August/September, GA October (but that's a total WAG. Since it would need to be in OEM's hands by June'ish to make the Back to School, that means they are targeting Holiday season, which a June RP date seems to fit perfect)

(via Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew - Dew Drop – April 24, 2012 (#1,312))

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