Monday, April 16, 2012

A WP7 app for Win8 Australia Dev Camps (with source... Don't leave your next conference, training, camp, thing, without one...)

Burela's house-o-blog - Windows 8 developer camp companion application + source code

"I put aside a few hours over the weekend and created a companion application for the “Windows 8 developer camps” that are currently running all around Australia.

It only took a few hours to throw something simple together for the attendees. The application provides some basic features to help out on the day

  • Daily schedule
  • Dates
  • XDDN details. So that attendees can continue with their Windows 8 learning
  • Links to online Windows 8 developer resources
  • Links to source code of the demos I gave in my presentations (submitted in pending app update)

Download the Windows Phone 7 marketplace right now



[GD: click through for the source code download link]

The important point is that if you're giving a Windows related camp, training, what-ever, seriously think about a WP7 app (and soon, Win8 Metro Style App) for it. They don't have to take long, but provide that very nice professional and finishing touch. 

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