Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hackerspace + Los Angeles = Null Space Labs

Hack A Day - Hackerspace intros: Null Space Labs in Los Angeles California

[Charlie] from Null Space Labs in Los Angeles, California sent in this fun little video as an introduction to their hackerspace. Going a bit askew from the traditional “walk through” method of a tour, they decide to first attempt semi-successfully to fly a quadcopter, film some police commotion, then show off some projects in progress. Don’t worry, you do get to see a fair bit of the space and the copious piles of parts as well.


Local Hackerspace? How could I not blog about it?

What is Null Space Labs?

We are a place for people who do interesting things with tech; we offer wifi, coworking space, an electronics and hardware lab with soldering stations and rework equipment, a small wet lab, simple wood and metal working tools, public computers, and, most of all, a creative environment that’s open to visitors.

Fields of interest of people you might find at the lab include DIY electronics, hardware hacking, lock picking, game development, entrepreneurship, security, graphics programming, AI, photography, privacy and civil rights, etc.

The group that operates Null Space Labs sees itself solely as an infrastructure provider and exerts little influence over projects and events carried out at the lab. We are trying to be financially independent, and finance our operations through membership fees.

The space was opened in May 2010. Also, we are the only hackerspace that is not saving the world.

Their parking map made me laugh...

Where is Null Space Labs?



I don't know if I'm every going to make it there, but I thought it cool knowing that it's there, just in case.

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