Thursday, May 10, 2012

Web Camps Training Kit Updated

Microsoft Downloads - Web Camps Training Kit

Date published: 5/9/2012

Language: English

WebCampsTrainingKit.exe, 2.4 MB

Execute the EXE, then select the content items you wish to download. There are presentations in PowerPoint 2010 format and hands-on-labs in HTML format. All assets for the hands-on-labs are included (images, stylesheets, etc).


While you learn allot when you create your own presentations and samples, sometimes re-use is also the way to go [insert 'I hate re-inventing the wheel' statement here]


Here's a few quick snaps of the post install;



One thing to note: I wish the kit files were optimized and maybe used a shared resource model. See all those blue squares? They are all copies of the same SQL Server database, MvcMusicStore.mdf. I understand that each related course needs that, and that users can pick and choose which one to download and that keeping them together with the materials helps in unitization, but it still bugs me that 144MB is being used where 4MB could be... [Bitch, moan, groan...]

Also note there's a dependency on VS 11 Beta (which makes sense due to the '4.5' related lab's);



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