Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Battling for a job? How about a job on a battleship? The USS Iowa Museum, which has just arrived in Los Angeles, is hiring...

USS Iowa - Employment Opportunities

Is working on a battleship a lifetime passion for you? Have you always dreamed of being involved in a once and a lifetime opportunity?

Pacific Battleship Center offers an exciting work environment onboard USS IOWA. The crew works together with volunteers to bring USS IOWA alive and an unforgettable experience for the public. If you have what it takes and the passion to succeed, please send a resume to

Currently Pacific Battleship Center is looking for professionals in:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Event Sales
  • Travel & Group Sales
  • Tour Department
  • Safety Team
  • Ship Operations & Maintenance
  • Marine Electrician
  • Welder
  • Painter
  • Information Technology
  • Education Department
  • Exhibit Department


I don't normally blog about job openings or opportunities, but this is too cool not to blog about... (hum... IT? I can do IT...hum...)

(via reddit/r/LosAngeles  - JOB ALERT: The USS Iowa Museum is hiring)

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