Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Tame the Email Beast" Infographic

The Email Admin - A fun way to discipline your email management

"Much of the time infographics just “dumb down” a topic but infographics that combine visual clarity with interactivity can put meat on a subject. That’s the case with an infographic on personal email management created by Simply Business, an insurance website in the United Kingdom.

The infographic is designed to help people tackle the biggest problems they have with email. Although simply designed compared to many infographics—it looks like a “bubble” chart—the offering contains links to a intriguing array of information on email management.

At the center of the chart is the nut of its substance: “What’s your biggest problem with email?”

From there, the chart branches out to five key problem areas..."

The Simply Business Productivity Series - How to tame the email beast

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

While sponsored/drive clicks to our site/not related to our core business infographics like this are starting to bug me a little, I liked the content on this one and knowing people who have problems managing their email...

One thing to know is that the referenced tools//utilities are GMail focused, but the information bubbles are generic enough to provide some time tips.

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