Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Does social media hurt or help? Well here's one pooch, and family, it helped...

Simi Valley Missing Pets is a Facebook page that's a labor of love focused on helping local, Simi Valley, pets find their humans, humans their pets, pets new humans, etc. This update today touched my heart in a "wow, that's just awesome" kind of way...


I love it when this works the way it should. 45 min ago I was sent a pic of a found boxer. 17 min ago I posted it. 14 min ago someone saw the post and said it looked like a dog she knew. 4 min ago the owner called me. 2 min ago the dog was on it's way home.~ All in 45 min. All because of networking at its best.~

One of the comments;

Thank you SO MUCH to this page & people willing to help a scared dog running down the street, I KNEW this was Tank, he's my buddy & much loved by his owners (& me!), when I called him, his owner said "please tell me you found my dog" & was so happy he was safe.

Simi Valley Missing Pets

I just got a call from a second friend of the boxer's owner! What I love about this the most is it gives everyone a chance to help. You can be at work and just happen to see a post that is about a pet you know. And I notice so many people are more apt to stop and pick up a stray knowing they have a community that is here to help. Gone are the days that if you find a pet you must keep it or take it to the pound!

Kudos to Simi Valley Missing Pets, our community for helping out a stray and to social media in general. Tank and family are so much happier because of you...


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