Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let me tell you a story about the first community submitted Storyboard Shapes...

Automation Planet - First Community Storyboard Shapes of Icons and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2012

I am really happy to be the first one from the community to contribute to the Storyboard shapes and galleries, I am really inspired by the Storyboard and I believe it will become the first class citizen for product owners, analysts and web designers.

I also like the Font Awesome so much specialy with Bootstrap, so I decide to convert this wonderful library (Font Awesome) to Storyboard icons.

Download Font Awesome Icons Storyboard gallery from here

I also have some ideas in Web that I believe we will need them a lot in web projects, like block loader, notification bars, modal forms, confirmation modal and many other, so I just create another gallery and called it Web Tool, of course this is just the start!

Download Web Tool Storyboard gallery from here


Font Awesome Icons

"This library contains Font Awesome Icons that work for Storyboard Add-in for PowerPoint

The Font Awesome is one of the best development style in Web 2.0, it contains about 220 Icons, so this library for its icons, I believe it's really awesome!

To use:

1) Open PowerPoint.

2) Navigate to the Storyboarding tab.

3) Click the 'Import Shapes' button and select this file.

Now your shapes will be imported into your Storyboard Shapes library for you to use.

For more information about Font Awesome see the following link:




Web Tools

Some Web components, like loader, annotation bars, etc.


You've heard me chat about Visual Studio Gallery for Storyboard Shapes on RadioTFS, Visual Studio 2012 RC,  and seen them mentioned on TWC9, TWC9: Meet Windows Azure, 100,000 apps, Windows 8 eBooks, Big Data and more. Now the community is already stepping up and submitting their own shapes! How cool is that?


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