Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make some money making Mayhem ... Only a few days left in the Make Mayhem contest!

Mayhem - The Contest: Make Your Own Mayhem

First the important part


The Make Your Own Mayhem Contest, 2012 runs until midnight, June 30, 2012 (Pacific Time.) “Likes” for the People’s Choice Award will be counted until midnight July 7th, 2012 (Pacific Time.) Results will be announced approximately 2 weeks after the contest closes.

The second most important part (Show me the money!!!)


  • Honorable Mention
    • Up to 50 winners, selected by our panel of judges
    • Prize: Microsoft Points card (4000 points)
  • Most Awesome Add-On
    • One winner, selected by our panel of judges
    • Prize: US $1000
  • People's Choice
    • One winner, selected by number of "Likes" on entry video
    • Prize: US $1000
  • Mayhem Master 2012
    • One winner, selected by our panel of judges
    • Prize: US $3000

Now the rest

Our vision for Mayhem is to connect everything to everything else. Clearly, we need some help. Here’s your chance to be a part of the Mayhem vision, and possibly win 3,000 dollars (US)!

The Make Your Own Mayhem Contest, 2012 is a competition to extend Mayhem. Developers are able to submit any number of creative add-ons by midnight (Pacific Time), June 30th. Submissions after the end of the competition are welcome, but are ineligible for our prizes, including the Mayhem Master's Award.

Submitted add-ons must be unique, but can contain any number of events and reactions. Some examples include:

  • An event when a certain Kinect gesture is recognized
  • eBay events (e.g. getting outbid, auction ending, etc.)
  • An event when a product goes on sale on Amazon
  • An event when roads get congested
  • An event when a Google alert is sent
  • A MIDI or DMX interface
  • Open and close a garage door
  • Make a reservation at a restaurant
  • Send a text message
  • Order lunch
Note: while you are welcome to borrow from this list, we encourage creativity – surprise us!

You can submit as many entries as you would like to increase your chances of winning. There are awards for individual add-ons, as well as our Grand Prize, the Mayhem Master’s Award 2012. The Mayhem Master’s Award goes to the designer of the best collection of add-ons.


Why am I mentioned this? Michael Dodaro and I were emailing today about his very cool Making Mayhem with .NET Gadgeteer post (which you're going to see soon on the C4F blog) and he reminded me about this contest. And while we shy away from posting about contests on the C4F blog, I don't here, so there!

So if you feel like making some mayhem and also would like a chance to win fame and fortune too, check out the The Contest: Make Your Own Mayhem

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