Thursday, July 26, 2012

A nose dive for Microsoft Flight

Ars Technica - Microsoft halts further development on free-to-play Flight

"The first free-to-play entry in Microsoft's venerable Flight Simulator franchise is reaching an ignominious end just a few months after its initial release. Microsoft has announced that it is halting further development on Microsoft Flight and reassigning some staff members at the Vancouver studio that developed it.

Flight, which launched in February, will continue to be available as a free download with a small number of planes and the ability to fly around certain Hawaiian islands. Microsoft will also continue to operate the online store where players can purchase new planes, locales, and gameplay goals as DLC, but no new content will be produced.


sigh... [Insert rant here about "why even release it if there's no medium/long term plan to support and improve it"] [Insert second rant here "cough... Kin... cough..."]

At least they didn't pull the free download.


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