Sunday, July 01, 2012

There's a new .Net Digital Magazine in town... DNC Magazine (#dncmag)

Dot Net Curry - DNC Magazine for .NET Developers - Launch Edition

After serving thousands of online tutorials, tips and tricks for .NET developers for the last 5 years, DotNetCurry (DNC) is proud to present a high quality technical digital magazine for .NET techies. 'DNC Magazine' is a Free, bimonthly digital publication bringing you the latest from the .NET world presented by Microsoft MVP's and industry veterans, with years of experience in software development. This month's edition features hot topics like MVC4, SignalR, Knockout.js, TDD, VS ALM, HTML5, Azure and Metro Applications amongst others. Not to mention, a freewheeling interview with Ayende Rahien, the man behind RavenDB.

To subscribe to this digital magazine and our Newsletter, just enter your email address in the field given below and hit 'Subscribe'. Confirm your subscription and enjoy the magazine as well as our .NET Tutorials, right in your inbox. You can drop in a comment or tweet with the #dncmag hashtag. Here's a fun launch demo for your viewing. Enjoy!

Thank you to all our contributors who made this Magazine possible!

This new magazine uses a different and unusual distribution method, via SkyDrive, and while that may make you think "home brew" the presentation and content looks very top-tier and what you'd expect to see in a commercial publication...



Suprotim Agarwal said...

Thank you Greg for blogging about the magazine. Yes we chose SkyDrive for now but once we have some funds, we may move to a dedicated server to cater to the bandwidth demands and serve the .NET community better.

Every download is 7.5 MB :) and within a few hours, 900+ have already downloaded the magazine. So you can imagine the costs we would running into had we hosted this.

Thank you again for dedicating a post to the magazine. Appreciate it.

Warm Regards,

hafal said...

Super cool! Thanks for sharing