Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Shining a light on your State Government data with help from the Sunlight Foundation and Open States site

Sunlight Foundation - Check Out the Open States Beta Site

"If you don't read the Sunlight Labs blog as religiously as I do (you should!), you might miss that our Open States project now has a public beta site up and running. Users can find who their state reps are, their voting record and contact information, the most recent actions taken by the legislature and search the full text of current and past bills. The site is now the best place to find information on the activities in these 20 state legislatures: Alaska, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin with more coming soon.

For more information on the new site read my colleague James Turk's post here. Also be sure to play with the iOS app or, if you're a developer, use the API and join the Google Group. Our Scout project incorporates the Open States API to allow users to follow and search bills in all 50 states.


OPEN : StatesCalifornia




The best part?


An API, bulk downloads, RSS feeds, and even the source to the entire site!

If you're looking for data about what your state government is doing or want to write an app that provides that data, Open : States looks like a must use resource.

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