Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The perfect game room or kids room light switch?

ThinkGeek - Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate


Power-up your room

Did you ever dream of living in the arcade when you were a kid? Every morning, you'd eat your cereal on the air hockey table (turned on, of course, so your spoon would float ever so slightly). You'd get in a few rounds of your favorite game before school and when you got home, you and all your friends would mash buttons together. Then you'd go to bed, snuggled up in the ball pit. Hear that? The sound of jingling quarters, bleeping, pew pew pewing, and those words you wouldn't say if Mom's in earshot? That's the sound of pure gamer geek happiness.

Recapture that joy in your own home with the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate. The Power-Up replaces your boring, normal light switch with 100% more pew pew pew! A quick few minutes of screwdriver finagling and you'll have arcade nostalgia on your wall, ready to do your bidding. Press the joystick down to turn your lights on. Push it up to turn them off. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! See those two red buttons? Press them for super fun arcade sound effects. Entering a room has never been more fun.

Super-Easy Installation!
No wiring or electrician skills needed! The Power-Up Arcade Light Switch easily fits over your existing wall switch. Simply remove the two screws on your switch plate then place the Arcade Light Switch over top and replace two screws. The Arcade Light Switch is powered by internal AA batteries so no electrical connection is needed.

Be aware that since the Power-Up Arcade Light Switch fits over your existing wall switch, your light switch type needs to be the common switch type. Dimmers, flat switches, etc.. will not work. Oh and Electricity is awesome but dangerous. Take all safety precautions when replacing your switch plate.



Heck forget the game/kids room, I think I want this for my home office!

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