Friday, August 24, 2012

Windows 8 In-place Upgrade Tip - Use the Disk Cleanup utility to clean up the old files... (i.e. There's no need to delete the "windows.old" manually)

So you've done an in-place upgrade to Windows 8? And you've noticed how much drive space that ate up? If all's working well and you're happy everything is good, you can easily reclaim tens of gig's of drive space. The Windows Disk Cleanup is your ticket. Run it in the System Files Mode


And after a bit you'll see the Upgrade Logs, Previous Windows Installation and Temp install files choices




As you can see, in my case, we're talking about 32Gb of space I can recover... NOTE: There's no going back, no undelete/recycle bin when you delete them, so be sure.


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