Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool TFS Utility of the Day: Find in [all past checked in versions of] Files

Mattias Sköld - Find in Files : New feature of TFS Administrators Toolkit


Creating a search function    
Quite soon I was asked to put my money where my mouth was:) So I developed an Visual Studio Extension that, using the tfs api, would loop through each file and each file revision. As this would be a quite intense operation I placed it as a new feature in the TFS administrators Toolkit. I have some ideas to make it available as a standalone VS extension, extending source control explorer with a Find in File context menu, but at the moment it’s a TFS Administrators toolkit feature only.


Find in Files window
The result of my effort is the new Find in Files window in TFS Administrators Toolkit.  It enables you to search for text in the content of source controlled files.  Amongst its features is
•    Search files in source control matching selected wildcards
•    Option to search in History, searching through each file revision.
•    Option to search case sensitive or not
•    Option to search using Regular Expressions


TFS Administrators Toolkit

TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS2010

Features and benefits

  • Find In Files NEW!
    Search for text or regexp in files (and all file versions) in source control
  • Test Attachment Sizes
    List test attachment size per teamproject, what kind and extensions, Clean projects directly from the UI by calling Test Attachment Cleaner
  • Update reports
    Push new reports from a template to selected team project. 
  • Update Work Item Types
    Push work item type definitions to multiple team projects
  • Source control folder size
    Get a feeling for team projects size in source control
  • Search for large files in source control
    Search on size for Source control items

Be carefull
This set of tools makes it easier to affect a lot of team projects very quick. Be aware of what your doing.


That find feature is one that you might not need often, but when you do, your REALLY do...

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