Thursday, September 13, 2012

eDiscovery Mergers and Acquisitions, the past 10 years in review (i.e. Who bought who?)

Complex Discovery - 10 Years of eDiscovery Mergers, Acquisitions and Investments (Update)

"Provided as a non-comprehensive overview of over 100 key and publicly announced eDiscovery related mergers, acquisitions and investments since 2002, the following listing highlights key industry activities through the lens of announcement date, acquired company, acquiring or investing company and acquisition amount (if known).

Updated 8/6/12


I don't usually blog about the industry that drives my day life, but I thought this list interesting (and easily safe to reference/post about). Consolidation happens in every industry but in the pretty new Legal/eDiscovery field it's happening at a good clip and likely to speed up in the coming years. Having been in this industry since its beginning, the names in this list are those I've seen come and I've seen go. So many have happened that it's easy to forget who bought whom (that and my brain is old), which was the final hook for me... :)

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