Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five different reasons to begin building for Windows 8 today

BuildMobile - 5 Reasons To Start Building Windows 8 Apps Right Now

"The next big app market goes live on October 26th, when Microsoft releases Windows 8 to the general public. If you’re a developer, you’ll want your polished, pixel-perfect app in the Windows Store on day one. Microsoft is giving app developers early access to Windows 8 development tools and resources, and if you take advantage of the opportunity, you’ll have your Windows 8 app submitted, approved, and in front of millions of Windows 8 users who are looking to populate their brand new operating system with fun, useful, and practical apps… preferably yours.

The Windows Store will be available in 120 countries around the world, so regardless of where you or your customers are, it’s an opportunity with enormous potential and unprecedented exposure. But, the Windows Store doesn’t just appeal to customers; it favors app developers in a number of unique ways.

Clear, Concise App Requirements


Easy, Streamlined Payments


Documentation That’s Actually Helpful


User Experience Guidelines That are Actually Usable


No Fees to Get Started


I've seen the tech/dev reasons for building Win8 app's, but this list is different than most. Nothing like a different viewpoint to help you see things differently...

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